JP Art Consultancy| Victoria Kiff

The Flesh Andira Oil on wood panel 95 x 70 cm

Victoria Kiff explores the possibilities of spacial elements to the main focus of her paintings, which is essentially the male figure. Much of Victoria's early work since completing her art degree, consisted of drawing, photographic collage and printmaking. She began to make paintings on paper in 2010 when she moved to Hastings, East Sussex from London.


"I now work in my studio full time on my paintings, and I am focused mainly on my visionary ideas put to the central figure, I have a great interest in the human mind and physiology, also the history of medicine and botany.


The environment where I live influences the colour and textures in the work, natural forms are continually re invented, experiences provide the basis of painting as a life source in varying quantities. Patterns emerge within the body, revealing the inner workings and motion. Colour and space relate to thought, and the separate elements of line and texture in the painting record the necessary contradictions.


I am continually searching for an historical presence in the work, consisting of what is real and imagined. Painting from life is an essential to the progression of the paintings, I also work from photographs, anytomical drawings and medical references. Influences to my work include painters, Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, Keith Vaughan and Nicolas de Stael. The artist, writer, dramatist, Antonin Artuad and' The projection of the true body''.


BA Hons Fine Art Painting Central St Martins school of Art London 1996

Printmaking 2004-2008 City Lit Keeley St London

Metamorphose Oil on canvas 85 x 85 cm

Brewster's Letter Oil on linen 91 x 76 cm

Mazarine Blue Oil on linen 91 x 56 cm

Hymenia Tinctoria Gorse Oil on canvas 65 x 70 cm

Melaleuca Trance