JP Art Consultancy| Matt Alexander Ray

The Gourd Oil on linen 40 x 50 cm

Matt was born in 1981 and grew up in Abu Dhabi, Singapore and England. Now based in London, he is a classically trained artist who works in oils and charcoal.


In recent years Matt’s main focus has been still life works, though he also has interests in portraiture and landscape. A student of traditional oil painting techniques, he uses multiple layers of paint to achieve deeply atmospheric compositions, combined with an economy of means to achieve lifelike representation with a minimum of brushwork.


Influenced by the old masters but inspired by 20th century and contemporary still life practitioners such as Walter Murch and John Morra, he seeks to escape the genre’s stereotypes through innovative compositions and subjects.


Matt's work hangs in private collections in the UK and Asia.  He has completed a number of portrait and still life commissions.

The Apple, Variation III Oil on linen 25 x 35 cm

King of the Castle Oil on linen 35 x 45 cm

The Apple, Variation I Oil on linen 25 x 35 cm

No Way Out Oil on linen 25 x 35 cm

The King is Dead Oil on linen 35 x 45 cm