JP Art Consultancy| Ian Rayer - Smith

Double Take

Ian Rayer - Smith likes his work to exude a raw human energy


'I want the brutal act of making to be evident in the marks and on the surface.

I am interested in organic forms in decomposition. Soft and amorphous, they accentuate the tactile sense of nature.  I avoid any notion of repetition, so as to create something new that will reveal surprising forms. By working quickly, intuitively, and obsessively,  I create artworks that suggest a sense of other worldliness. 

I begin each painting or sculpture with specific outcomes in mind, but allow myself to be directed by the piece I am making, embracing each accident and creating something new in the process.  I tend towards a playful manipulation of everyday materials and imagery.  It is a constant search, in which I respond to what is around me, picking up visual impulses, collecting them as thought, and by stages finding them absorbed into my work.

I use classical references, manipulating and transforming them until they lose their initial context and produce new meaning. Ultimately, the work reveals the physicality of the object and the sensory nature of the materials’.



Out of Step