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Lightbox II

John Workman is an artist who lives and works in Brixton. He was born in Bedford in 1950 and read English at St Catherine's College, Oxford. Graduation was followed by a variety of casual work, when he was employed as a teacher, decorator, house-sitter, and mower of graveyards. During this time he was also making paintings, which by the 1980s began to be collected and exhibited more widely, in this country and in Europe and America. In the 1990s, while continuing to make his own work, he was involved in starting and running alternative art galleries.


John makes painted landscapes of bitumen and glass, landscapes that contain different eras of the past. They light up inside, producing a subdued glow like the embers of a fire. What they mean depends on the viewer, because different people see different things when they stare into the fire. The trees and foreground are blacked out with bitumen: as David Lynch says, “Black has depth ... you can go into it ... and you start seeing what you're afraid of. You start seeing what you love, and it becomes like a dream.” 

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