JP Art Consultancy| John Lipsham

John Lipsham paints from the imagination  - mainly from treasured teenage memories and impressions of the early 1960‘s - a period when he worked as an apprentice in Portsmouth dockyard. His images are of dockyard scenes and the shipwrights who worked there….then, and most of all, the ladies of the night and their  associations with the sailors who vastly outnumbered them.  Those women [including the bar-maids and landladies] were held in high regard almost to infamous celebrity status, and this he endeavours to portray in his paintings.


Painting both in acrylic and oil paint [and often using both in the same painting] , he scrapes back and layers the paint in order to achieve a ‘strong’ painting  which he then surrounds with a large traditional frame in order to separate the painting from the distractions of items near it. 


He has a BA Hons. degree in Fine Art Painting which was achieved at Brighton University in the years from 2002 to 2005.