JP Art Consultancy| Hannah James

Prague and the Music Mixed media on paper 83 x 63 cm

‘’I love music and dance. Together with my art, friends and family they are my passions. When I paint or draw I go into my little world. If I am at home I listen to music while I am working. Sometimes I go into deep thoughts, thinking about my friends who mean a lot to me.


But sometimes I paint free of these deep thoughts, thinking instead about lighter things like being at the seaside. I choose colours to reflect these thoughts while my moods lead me to draw with different kinds of movements, sometimes relaxed, sometimes more tense.’’


Severely disabled artist Hannah James lives independently in Blackheath. Using a wheelchair, a voice communication aide and needing support in her daily living tasks, Hannah’s search for self expression has led her to overcome many practical challenges in daily life as well as at an artistic level. Her drawings and hand paintings emerge from patient exertion of her conscious mind over the limitations of her own body whilst the final results - appearing in sweep and movement of line and colour across the page - reflect this creative tension, contrasting energy, turbulence and tactile pleasure in her art.  Hannah uses a variety of media, felt tip pens, charcoal, water based paints and occasionally collage techniques with imaginative use of colour in her abstract designs. Hannah is also an active participant in the Enterlechy dance company (based in the Albany at Deptford) and is a volunteer with the innovative Vauxhall based Community music project Joy of Sound, which has produced a film called Hannah’s Dance.

Excited at Joy of Sound Mixed media on paper 83 x 63 cm

Untitled Mixed media on paper 83 x 63 cm

Untitled Mixed media on paper 83 x 63 cm