JP Art Consultancy| Eva Masterman

Purview Installation July 2012

Eva Masterman’s recent work centres around ideas on site responsivity and the performative or time-based nature of space.  Eva strives to achieve a synthesis between process, material and concept, allowing the former to guide the development of my work but not eclipse my own subjectivity.  Using industrial materials such as jesmonite and concrete in conjunction with ceramics and ‘traditional’ processes such as casting and etching, she explore and challenge the nature of materials and techniques, reinventing ways of using them that brings her methods into a contemporary sphere. 


Using documentation of journeys made through varying landscapes of cities and countryside of personal significance, Eva aims to make the intangible tangible.  By exploring the dynamic relationship between 2 and 3 dimensions and the nature of illusion and perception, her work simultaneously inhabits the flat line and the physical form. In a direct response to the performance of her journey, the work is derived from an interior experience in an exterior space: the interior psyche explored and projected onto a physical experience.  The resultant forms and images are an attempt to transform and chronicle this interior/exterior discourse into something tangible that creates an atmosphere of stasis: an island of calm amid the flux. 

Purview Installation July 2012

Horizon March 2012

Horizon, detail March 2012

Keeping Distance, installation March 2012

Keeping Distance, detail March 2012

A Kind of Ache March 2012

Untitled March 2012

As We Are Dec 2011