JP Art Consultancy| Chris Milton

Crocus Oil on board

Drawing is my primary practice, it is a tool that reveals, creates and records information.


Drawing has a lucid and deceptive simplicity that renders form and meaning all too quickly the content rapidly and spontaneously manifests itself, arriving on the paper apparently prior to any considered thought process or intention, requiring me to acknowledge what I did not appear to know or may never know. This rapid and ephemeral nature of the medium has a catalytic effect enabling a ruthless distillation process within the work, enabling me to overlay, obliterate, and edit, to define and derive content.


The drawings can form the basis of paintings, but within this process a reflective analysis to further define intention and direction inevitably gives rise to concepts, and one falls to juxtaposing images and making associations in a desperate, yet rational attempt for understanding. A desire to distil the content, to progress ones work, to define order and meaning and direction, but being ever mindful that it may not lead to certainties or truth of ones place in this world, or the way things are.


These opposing activities of trying to find sense and reason and at the same time accepting that reason may be beyond ones logic in this context creates a dynamic tension; a synthesis of the intimacy of expressive drawing fused with the more considered critical distance of contemporary painting practice.

The Evening News Oil on board

Holding Pattern Oil on board

Golden Oil on board

Clubby Drawing 90 x 110 cm

First Child Oil on board

Rabbit Pornica Drawing Approx 100 x 300 cm